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If you would like to have your
Furniture Store included on this web site,
please contact:

Vestal Palmer or Judith Conover

2216 West Meadowview Road, Suite 104
Greensboro, North Carolina 27407

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North Carolina is the Furniture Capital of the World!

Furniture buyers come to North Carolina to shop at the
NC Furniture Outlets, North Carolina Discount Furniture Stores,
North Carolina Furniture Manufacturers Outlets and
NC Home Furnishings Centers.

On this website the furniture stores offer you
the finest discount furniture from North Carolina at the best price!

This website makes it easy to shop for quality furniture from North Carolina.

The North Carolina Furniture Stores listed on this site specialize in:
• Quality home furnishings
• Discount furniture
• Outstanding values that only North Carolina can offer
• Over 3000 name brand furniture and accessories manufacturers
• Design assistance
• Showroom & catalog sales
• Nationwide delivery
• Friendly & knowledgeable service